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FrescoData is a proven creative source for all your B2B marketing needs from targeting your audience to reporting your campaign results, FrescoData is staffed with professionals to insure your marketing campaign successfully generates a high ROI.

Audience: Our team has a high level of business insight and resourcefulness, one of our expert team members will personally analyze your marketing project and then research our extensive database to locate the best target demographic for your campaign. If you already know exactly who you would like to target, we are still able to offer recommendations based on our market intelligence.

Content: After the perfect audience for your campaign is chosen, a professional team member will analyze and test the content of your message and recommend changes we feel would improve the success of your campaign. These improvements may include help with subject line optimization, properly placing links and sectioning relevant information.

Design: In addition to target audience and content, the success of an email campaign depends greatly on its visual cues. Visually appealing Email campaigns encourage readers to read it or click through. Our design team will insure the most visually attractive design for your campaign using their knowledge of what entices readers to continue browsing.

FrescoData can be your one-stop fulfillment center for all of your email marketing needs. Our services are trusted because of our track record of success based upon our positive approach, expertise and our great reach of B2B professionals and executives in some of the top global economies in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. We never oversell our lists, and we believe in our data so strongly that we give you an accuracy guarantee. No more wasted marketing budget!
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