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Global B2B & B2C Data Portfolio – Email Marketing & Mailing Lists

We know there’s a lot of data being offered, in major markets as well as in fairly remote ones. How do you know what’s real and what isn’t? What’s accurate, legally compliant, most recent and has the capability to continue to be updated regularly? To assure data accuracy, validity and compliance, a truly global data provider must have the capability to build its own data-compiled wherever possible. Where not, they need the in-house technical expertise to access raw data and then verify it through accepted business methods and practices. This requires a level of technical expertise many companies don’t have. Clients’ data requirements now demand that it is no longer practical or acceptable to just broker data from supplier to end-user without rolling up one’s sleeves and dissecting the data, re-formatting it, enriching it, verifying its provenance and accuracy. That is what FrescoData does.

Companies in need of data, requiring large scale database for analytics, supplementing their own data or enriching it, requiring verification and identification process in real time, need to partner with companies that have the technical expertise to do this. Let us provide these services for you.

Our team of experts review, clean and qualify our global mailing lists and email lists to keep our data fresh and relevant.

– Alicia Cox, – Client Relations Manager, International Data Partnerships.

We adhere to CAN-SPAM regulations, and we maintain our database from legitimate opt-in resources, helping businesses avoid penalties for spamming, receiving complaints from angry recipients and encountering damage to the brand’s reputation due to sending commercial e-mail.


The location of your target audience is an important factor when assessing your marketing needs. If you want to promote country-specific promotions, FrescoData makes it much easier to tailor your campaigns by providing targeted mailing lists and email list by country.


Continuing to sending email to an unintended recipient is as disrespectful as repeatedly calling them by the wrong name. Industry-specific mailing lists and email lists come in handy to choose the proper campaign techniques and locate ideal prospects for your products. In addition, our in-house expert data analysts verify the data to provide optimum accuracy.


FrescoData understands that data is supreme for marketers and hence this triggered the idea of creating a customized Executives Mailing list by Job Roles. From our gamut of email lists offerings, Executive Email List by Job roles is the most preferred offering by FrescoData to the marketers.

Lists of Magazine Subscribers

FrescoData’s proprietary arrangement with digital publishers of e-zines and newsletters offer unprecedented access to opt-in responders.


FrescoData helps you aim at pursuing your marketing goals by enabling you to connect with the top-notch executives and decision makers in any given industry. Over the years, FrescoData with its wide network of resources has proven to be the most reliable and authentic source offering excellent quality specialty mailing and email lists global executives.

Marketing Campaign Life Cycle

  • Strategic Consulting

    FrescoData believes that every marketing campaign needs to be visualized, harnessing silver bullets and a brilliant strategy using insights from data gurus, marketing consultants and industry experts.

  • Brainstorming

    We help you strengthen visual aspects of mind maps through an ideation sequence bringing our years of experience into play together where concrete ideas are refined and prototyped.

  • Data Finalization

    Where we tailor a list of responsive audience andemploy proper segmentation byfocusing on your marketing objectives.

  • Campaign Setup

    Right from developing and producing most compelling content that resonates with the target audience, to scheduling, we are there to unravel operational setbacks making it easy for you.

  • Execution

    Organization, allocation and inspiration is achieved in the final phase. After thorough configuration, we help you direct the execution phase.

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