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Belgium Business Email Marketing Lists

Belgium Total Contacts: 1,973,379
Contacts by Job Roles
With Emails: 100,504
With Postal & Phones: 724,513

Contacts by Industries
With Emails: 136,680
With Postal & Phones: 1,011,682

Bonjour! Belgium’s population is 11.3 million of which 28% are under 25. Its real growth GDP (2014) was 1.1% or 177 in the world ranking but since they have the world’s best chocolate, they are happy anyway.

The infographic below shows the percentage split of the Job Roles in our Belgium lists:
belgium mailing lists by job roles

Segmentation of Belgium contacts by Job Roles:

Job Roles Email Phone & Direct Mail
Engineering 8,599 60,582
Finance 4,509 35,807
HR 4,557 34,713
IT 8,711 59,254
Legal 2,278 19,914
Marketing 3,755 25,967
Media & Communication 6,823 46,193
Operations 14,400 102,230
Product Management 1,602 8,807
Program & Project Management 4,335 39,005
Purchasing 1,509 7,992
Quality Assurance 1,377 12,681
Real Estate 852 3,855
Research 5,632 39,140
Sales/Business Development 14,915 111,096
Senior Management 16,650 117,277
Total 100,504 724,513

The infographic below shows the percentage split of the Industries in our Belgium lists:

belgium email lists by industries

Segmentation of Belgium contacts by Industries:

Industries Email Phone & Direct Mail
Business Services 7,487 53,195
Automotive 3,338 27,289
Banking + Financial Services 7,203 55,698
Media & Publishing 2,722 18,411
Information Technology 13,192 98,033
Construction 10,804 75,980
Consumer Goods & Services 4,849 36,855
Manufacturing 12,398 88,317
Government 11,266 80,784
Education 4,514 35,337
Healthcare 10,814 80,601
Hospitality & Travel 3,565 24,496
Human Resources 3,057 24,508
Industrial Automation 991 6,146
Insurance 2,206 18,687
Investment Banking & Venture Capital 801 5,070
Law Practice + Legal Services 3,131 21,992
Supply Chain & Logistics 5,113 40,378
Marketing & Advertising 3,166 24,569
Mining & Metals 864 5,446
Nonprofit Organization Management 1,498 12,332
Oil & Energy + Renewables & Environment + Utilities 3,420 22,078
Pharmaceuticals 2,884 22,980
Public Relations & Communications 1,093 10,167
Real Estate 1,595 14,299
Research 3,302 24,969
Retail 6,487 46,561
Telecommunications + Wireless 2,821 21,984
Warehousing 896 4,881
Wholesale 1,203 9,639
Total 136,680 1,011,682

Data Compliance in Belgium

The Data Privacy Act applies to all processing of personal data for the direct marketing purposes. Besides the DPA, direct marketing practices should also be in compliance with the E-Commerce Act of 11 March 2003 and the Fair Trade Practices Act of 14 July 1991. These Acts say that all companies must file a prior notification to the Privacy Commission of their processing for email marketing purposes and cannot store personal data for an unlimited term. Also, marketers need to get expressed and unambiguous consent in order to use the data they acquire.

Our Belgian email marketing list comprises of individuals who work in various industries such as construction, energy, engineering services, financial services, food and drink, health care, manufacturing, retail, supply chain, technology and hospitality. The executives in our email lists are spread across different job roles such as senior management, finance, information, technology, operations, purchasing, administration and human resources, as well as sales and marketing and supply chain.

Our Belgium mailing lists have the following features:

  • The senior management business executives contained within the mailing and email lists are proven responders to a variety of marketing campaigns or can be used for data appending and enrichment needs.
  • Our entire mailing list file of top business executives is guaranteed to be accurate and has been verified by our internal data analysis team.
  • Our Belgian mailing lists are updated semi-annually conforming to all requirements set by the Direct Marketing Association and comply with CAN-SPAM.
  • The email list of executives by FrescoData is offered at a minimum order value of $2,000; however there are several levels of volume discounts.
  • Our email list is divided into three categories: regions, industries and job functions
  • All of our Belgium marketing and research lists are available for one-time rental at a lower price or can be licensed for multiple use or multiple year usage
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