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Event Services

Does your Event Planning Company have the resources available to dedicate toward attendee generation? This is a crucial part of the Event Planning Process. Targeted email lists for event planners can make a world of difference when promoting an event. Drive event awareness and increase attendance with targeted email marketing that will motivate your audience to attend your event.

FrescoData is trusted by global and domestic event planning companies. Our data can help your event company by:

• Targeting your key audience
• Communicating with them more effectively
• Generating greater attendance
• Increasing your event presence online

FrescoData’s targeted email list and Event Marketing Services can increase your company’s revenue and overall event success.

Email Campaigns Driven by Data

Effective email marketing starts with robust data. Without data behind your campaigns, your campaigns will not be successful. FrescoData provides data-driven solutions to help your Event Planning Company tap into a large selection of potential customers. We tailor our data-driven email marketing solutions to create unique experiences for each of the clients we work with.

Successful List Management

FrescoData maintains high quality lists on millions of different global consumers and businesses. These lists are well maintained with highly responsive contacts. Depending on the needs for your event, we will work with you to create a targeted list of global contacts. You will experience massive reach and engagement with our lists, driving your email campaigns to reach even further. We can deliver your emails with a 99% deliverability rate.

Segmenting the Data for Any Event Planning Company

FrescoData can segment its data lists in a variety of ways. This is done with care to reach the optimal prospects for your specific event.

Through geo-targeting, our segmenting options include:

• Country
• State
• Metro Statistical Area
• Country
• City
• Zip Code

We can also segment through demographics and interests. These segmentation options include:

• A variety of business demographics:
o Industry
o Contact Function
o Contact Level
o Contact Title
o Company Revenue
o Company Employee Size

• A variety of individual and household level demographics
o Age
o Income
o Home value
o Family size
o Occupation
o Race
o Nationality
o Single
o Married
o Home Owner
o Etc.

• Interests and behaviors in a variety of different categories
o Education level
o Personal interests
o Purchase behavior
o Engagement level
o Customer loyalty
o Customer satisfaction
o Etc.

Advertise in Multiple Languages

Make your event global. With FrescoData, you can connect with prospective attendees all over the world in their native language. FrescoData is experienced in multilingual advertising and can customize email campaigns to a variety of different languages. Generate more connections with region specific event marketing services that are formatted in the audience’s native language.

Compliance is Standard

FrescoData adheres to CAN-SPAM laws in the US and international spam laws in foreign nations. This allows us to help marketers maintain a positive email reputation and remain in compliance. There are number of different laws that guide the use of email marketing for commercial purposes. In the USA it’s the CAN-SPAM act, in Canada it’s the CASL laws, while in the EU it’s GDPR. All these laws dictate several conditions that marketers need to follow to avoid significant fines. FrescoData maintains and complies with global regulations of data management.

Well-Designed Emails

With so much competition in the event space, it is important to leverage email design templates to make your emails stand out from the rest. Your email design can have a huge effect on how your viewers interact with it. Your email design should be based on the goals for that campaign and the type of content that is being shared. FrescoData knows how to take your email design and optimize it to meet your business goals. We can help your company create emails that drive your audience to a specific call to action. We can also help build brand loyalty through with consistent email designs. FrescoData maintains high expertise in email marketing.

Mobile Optimization

Only 30% of people open emails on desktop computers. In contrast, over 70% of people open emails on their smartphones. Out of these 70%, over 49% of them state that they interact with ads on their smartphones and purchase products directly on their phones. Based on this information, it is critical in todays market to optimize emails for mobile. Otherwise, your company is ignoring a majority of email users. FrescoData can help your event company create these campaigns by focusing on responsive email design.

Email Retargeting

FrescoData has the capability to serve ads to your audience after they open your email campaigns. Anyone who opens, reads or clicks on your email will end up in an advertising funnel. With email retargeting, your audience member will see your company’s event advertising throughout the websites that they visit. Once they click on one of those ads, this will lead them to your event’s website. This will keep them interested in your event, build brand awareness and ultimately lead them to purchase a ticket to the event.

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