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Simple Email Marketing Tips to Create Connection with Audience

At FrescoData, we have shared a great deal of insights, email marketing tips to help companies make the most of their marketing budget. In order to stay in business, you have to sell. So, what is the best way to make a good sale? Follow these 10 tips to convert more email readers into loyal customers.

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Tips for Email Marketing

Add Multiple Links: Add multiple links to the same email to increase your chances of getting people to click on it.

Be Useful: Don’t just send emails to your subscribers and potential clients for the sake of it. Let your emails be insightful.

Buy Mailing Lists: Stop sending out emails to the same subscribers. Buy email lists from a reputed email marketing company, segment the audience in the list into various groups so you can send personalized emails.

Clear Call to Action: Tell your readers what you expect them to do next, and make sure you add a clear call-to-action button that takes them to a landing page.

Clever Subject Lines: Use simple, specific, and clever subject line.

Give Incentive: Reward people for reading your emails. Share an insightful tip, offer discounts to earn each prospect’s confidence.

Use a Genuine Voice: You are communicating to your clients or readers via emails. Develop a unique brand voice and use it to talk to your readers.

Meaningful Stats: Inject meaningful stats into the email content.

Share a Story: Share interesting stories that lead to a strong sales message, so that the people who have shared their email address with you, are happy to receive a message from you the next time you send an email.

Use Actual Name: Your business brand and reputation are on the line when you send out emails. Always make sure you use your actual corporate name in your ‘from’ address.

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