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FrescoData was founded over a decade ago catering to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. Today, we are among the nation’s fastest growing data-driven solutions providers. We have grown and evolved from a pure email list database company into a full-service data-driven marketing and consulting company.

FrescoData platforms are collaborative and foster customer-focused marketing strategies. We specialize in hosting a universe of highly accurate, up-to-date contacts with a Global Database of over 1 billion consumer records and 100 million business contacts. Our B2B Email lists include: Top Business Decision Makers, CEO Email Lists & Executive Management Lists, Global Consumer Lists, Worldwide Expatriate (Expats) Lists, and Global Frequent Flyers Lists. Companies worldwide rely on FrescoData for the success of their marketing campaigns.

A family of Leaders, Thinkers and Innovators

FrescoData’s team is comprised of computer scientists, data analysts, statisticians and marketing professionals who provide our clients with effective and innovative driven data solutions.

We have grown and evolved from a pure email lists database company to become a full-service data-driven marketing and consulting company.

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Say Yes To Good Data

While we understand that email and other marketing lists cannot be 100% accurate, we will always be totally transparent about the quality of our lists before selling them, recognizing that list quality does differ country by country. Our accuracy guarantee ranges from 85% to 100% depending upon the type of list and its demographics.

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10 Years | 300+ Clients | 7000 Campaigns


FrescoData has worked with a broad range of clients including established major internationally renowned brands, public sector organizations as well as younger organizations to deliver strategically innovative data-driven solutions across multiple channels, industries and audiences.

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We are driven by a vision

Since our founding, we have been driven by a vision: Providing our customers a competitive edge through innovative technologies and world class performance with a classic mix of high performing data and great customer service. Our ideal is to create a one stop platform which provides exceptional value resulting in successful marketing campaigns.


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