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We are email marketing experts and specialize in the Higher Education Industry, at home and abroad, across 60+ countries. With so many options available to students nowadays, you need to adopt the right business strategies to allure them and make your university stand out.

Here are the key services that will certainly deliver a positive influence on your ROI:

Email Marketing

Executing email marketing campaigns using best practices along with engaging and helpful content can transform businesses. We can help you increase graduate and undergraduate student sign ups by conducting effective email marketing campaigns. This might include calendar campaigns, branding campaigns, newsletters, program launches, awareness campaigns and overall advertisement of your school and the courses you offer. We effectively target prospective students and professionals from these countries.

Email Marketing Subscription

Take leverage of FrescoData’s proprietary opt-in global database of 100+ Million professionals and 2+ Billion consumers. Using our list you can identify and target your best prospects and generate a flow of increased signups. We strategize to improve lead generation and brand building that will ultimately help you boost sign ups from an increased number of students and aspiring professionals. Rest assured that our team of experts will take care of your digital marketing campaigns from right from procuring a targeted list to executing the campaign and reporting the analytics.

Social Media

With our proven methods that have worked across the education industry, we help clients successfully accomplish targeted social media campaigns across the varied landscape of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms. The demographic intelligence that is contained on the social media handles used by your target audience, helps us target students and aspiring professionals, effectively. You can enjoy a spectacular conversion rate as you deliver the right message on the right social media channel, all at the right time.


Retargeting, also known as remarketing, displays ads across various platforms, based on the emails your recipient opens. It is a form of online advertising that can help you gain competitive edge over other universities. For most higher education websites, less than 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit. Using our cookie-based technology you can reach out to the remaining 98% of students and aspiring professionals who don’t convert right away. The way we do it,helps deliver your university’s brand and its advertisement to each email recipient who opens or clicks within an email that we send on your behalf.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is the front end of mobile advertising with SMS marketing campaigns, app marketing, and email campaigns. We help you develop an effective mobile marketing strategy by integrating an interactive and responsive mobile version of your email campaign that has proven to provide the best ROI in the higher education industry.

IP Targeting

Did you know we can deliver your brand’s ad on a consumer’s browser by targeting the IP address of their physical location? IP Targeting does not use cookies, and that is revolutionary in the digital advertising world. Our patent pending IP algorithm determines the IP address based on the physical address, which is then used for precise digital ad targeting at the IP/router level.Using IP targeting you can collect data associated with an individual and create personalized ads just for them.This type of campaign helps you speak directly to your target audience at a fraction of costs of TV, radio, or print advertisements.

Venue Replay

Imagine going to a tradeshow or an event and your university’s brand advertisement is being delivered to every browser accessed within the conference venue.Venue Replay allows you to map businesses, your competitors, or even trade shows. By mapping the area, we can identify any current or past devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) after they leave the venue, and continue to target them with digital banner ads at their home and across all of their devices. All of this is accomplished without the use of cookies.

We know your school is top notch and your programs can help students reach their professional goals, but all of this means nothing if you are not reaching the right audience. It’s time for a wholesome approach to university marketing. For a strategic consulting of your marketing campaigns, feel free to call us at +1.888.902.5106 or you can reach our Education Solutions Director – Gloria Lau at

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