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Got questions? Everything you need to know about FrescoData from our vast network of resources that are most important for you. No matter what your queries are FrescoData is there to support you. FrescoData’s one-stop resources page offers clients in search of knowledge deep insights on marketing and data solutions suitable to them, through FAQS and lots more. Take advantage of knowing FrescoData clients, achievements through case studies. Know our global partners to stay abreast of Global Spam Laws through safe harbor certification and spam compliance page. Find the right resources for you!


Your questions still not answered? Please take a look at our FAQ page and scroll down to find answers intended to give a broader perspective on how FrescoData works in offering extended answers to your concerns. Hopefully you will find the answers you were looking for from our comprehensive list of frequently answered questions!

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Make sure to check our blog to read about everything from latest industry happenings to insights on how data can empower your business as well as updates on what’s happening in the FrescoData research centre. You can subscribe to the feed and receive notifications every time a new entry is made.

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Spam Compliance

FrescoData leadership recognizes the need to have global conduct guidelines set that comply with the obligatory ethics in our business to prevent the ever-increasing spam flood. Click on the link above to learn more about how FrescoData delivers high-quality CAN-SPAM compliant marketing services.

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Why FrescoData?

Since its inception in 2005, FrescoData is driven by one single mission: to create an innovative world of error free global database of marketing list. Find out what makes FrescoData remains a trusted leader among top-notch companies in the world.

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Don’t find what you’re looking for? If you still have a query that needs to be answered kindly calls us or write to us by clicking on ‘Inquire US’ to receive a personal response from one of our team members to your query. We will get back to you with the desired information at the latest.

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  • Strategic Consulting

    FrescoData believes that every marketing campaign needs to be visualized, harnessing silver bullets and a brilliant strategy using insights from data gurus, marketing consultants and industry experts.

  • Brainstorming

    We help you strengthen visual aspects of mind maps through an ideation sequence bringing our years of experience into play together where concrete ideas are refined and prototyped.

  • Data Finalization

    Where we tailor a list of responsive audience andemploy proper segmentation byfocusing on your marketing objectives.

  • Campaign Setup

    Right from developing and producing most compelling content that resonates with the target audience, to scheduling, we are there to unravel operational setbacks making it easy for you.

  • Execution

    Organization, allocation and inspiration is achieved in the final phase. After thorough configuration, we help you direct the execution phase.

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