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Risk Assessment / Identity Verification Service

Most people are honest and are who they say they are. A few are not. Most people fill out employment forms and a variety of applications honestly. A few do not. In some parts of the world hundreds of millions of people share a common surname. How do you determine if a Chinese John Smith is your customer or target?

Companies’ fortunes change over time. Revenues, top managers, places of doing business all change. When conducting research and risk assessment on companies, access to the very latest information is critical.

Your requirements may be common to all or unique. You may require a bespoke or custom-tailored application to meet your identification and global risk assessment services goals. These can include:

  • Verifying and updating customer records
  • Verifying age and/or identity of an individual
  • Verifying whether a business is active, inactive, bankrupt or has undergone a change in location or personnel
  • Meeting compliance regulations and requirements
  • Doing verifications quickly or in real-time
  • Having the option to do these verifications in-house, from remote locations or outsourcing the process

FrescoData offers country-specific capabilities to check name/address, date of birth, gender, telephone and much more. On the B2B side, these “identity” checks can include: verification of corporate name/address/telephones, employee size, annual revenue, tax ID, names of key employees.

We can offer:

  • Access to large-scale, country-specific databases via licensing agreements so you can conduct your own verifications in-house. This can include regularly scheduled updates to keep records current while adding new ones.
  • Conducting verifications on your behalf from our own stored data
  • Establish protocols for real-time remote access so you can access our data any time, from anywhere.

Our goal of providing a global real time and online verification capability can help you meet your online or offline goals.

We recognize that each project has its unique requirements so please call to see if we can assist with yours.

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