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    Data Universe
FrescoData’s story begins on two continents, in North America and Asia.  It was established in 2005 with a vision to change the way the data world works and to offer services that empower its clients and partners to create and offer additional value for their products and services globally as every country, city and company becomes digital. The vision was to cast a wide network right from inception by developing truly global databases. Today, FrescoData’s continually growing database spans across 60+ countries. Its technology innovation strategies transform how businesses use databases for email marketing, direct mail, big data licensing, risk assessment and identity verification.

FrescoData’s first step was to build an extensive and accurate global database of businesses and business contacts. The contacts’ information included a personal business email address which could not be obtained except through an opt-in process. One of the major data collection methods used by FrescoData is that it captures basic B2B data from a country’s public record business registry (compiled data) but goes the extra mile in combining this with opt-in response data obtained through major networks of business magazines, white papers, newsletter syndication, annual company reports, global tradeshow attendees and exhibitors and many more. By combining accurate and regularly updated compiled corporate data with response-generated individual data, the resulting business database is unique.

As this database grew to include more than 100 million business contacts in over 60+ countries, additional consumer databases were sourced. Before considering incorporating this data into Fresco’s Masterfile, it was checked for both accuracy and compliance-whether it met the privacy directives of the specific country. As of January 2016 FrescoData has access to close to 1 Billion+ consumer records.

At FrescoData, we build the majority of our own databases, both response and compiled, to ensure accuracy and control all aspects of the process in-house. Where we have to go outside our internal databases to source data, often this comes to us in a raw form which we then have to format, de-dupe, cleanse, verify and enhance with additional data fields.

While FrescoData’s unique strength is compiling opt-in response generated Business Marketing data across 60+ countries segmented by industries and job titles that include personal email addresses, our carefully constructed global network of reputable suppliers allows us to offer much more.

FrescoData is headquartered in California. Tony Raval, as CEO, leads an Executive Leadership Team focused on FrescoData’s vision. Tony has more than 15 years of leadership and data technology experience and a passion for everything data to create a global data universe that presents true intelligence. He holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering & Data Sciences.

We offer the following types of data

  • Global Business Lists with email address, country, job function and industry segmentation
  • Global consumer…with multiple demographic selects for both marketing and verifications
  • Business Magazine Subscriber Lists
  • Global Tradeshow & Attendees Lists
  • Global Frequent Flyers
  • Worldwide Expatriate (Expats)
  • Affluent Consumers with high net worth
  • And many more – Contact Us if the contacts you are looking to target are not in the list above.


B2B data:

We maintain a database of B2B contacts from close to 60 countries which is primarily compiled from each country’s business registrar feeds every month to every 3 months. This helps us in keeping accurate information on active/inactive companies in the database. These records come with multiple contacts that are registered as company’s primary contacts and include information such as industry description, phone, postal address, employee size, revenue, registration date, etc. basic info. Next phase is our in-house due-diligence where our large team of data researchers match this data to multiple sources both compiled and response which include: opt-in online magazine and newsletter subscriptions, Company published business reports and annual reports, global newsletter archives and whitepaper subscriptions, domain registrations registries, and more. We add more information to each record including: multiple contacts, titles and their personal emails. This is an ongoing process with daily updates and the activities run 24/7 in our in-house data-center located in US and at our partner locations globally.

Leveraging the growing popularity of digital magazines, we have developed proprietary relationships with key publishers to incorporate their opt-in subscriber data into our Masterfile by using demographic append. Additionally, we team with global seminar and trade-show organizations to incorporate vendor /exhibitor and attendees listings. We continually update this data to determine valid versus in-actives by ping testing the email addresses and in order to maintain the quality of the database we go further by only housing the emails of contacts that either open or click within that email. This turns our database into an opt-in database of valid contacts.

Consumer data

Through our customized data identification and acquisition campaigns with many of our clients, we have been able to source large data files using unique and accurate sources internationally that offer a tremendous breadth of coverage of entire country populations. These include databases like consumers with phones along with other demographics including age, gender, date of birth, postal address, mobile and landline phones, place of work, title, company ownership, voter ids, and many more selects. We currently have strong relationships with in-country data partners for provision of such databases and can acquire many more from countries that are out of reach for traditional data companies.

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