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International Mailing Lists, Direct Mail and GDPR

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GDPR came into effect last year and is by no means new. Still, many people are struggling to understand the effects of this monumental legislation. While online advertising has suffered because of GDPR, direct mail has not experienced the same effects. In this article, we will share how your marketing efforts, which may have suffered because of GDPR, can be boosted with compliant direct mail campaigns.
The personal data business is huge. International mailing lists are one of the most valuable and sought-after resources in the entire world. Your digital footprint is extremely important to companies. It can give them insight to your decisions and choices so they can better market to you—and make money.
Regardless of this, data privacy has become an increasing concern for most consumers. As many as 70% of individuals believe their personal data has been stolen and sold by cybercriminals on the dark web. This is one of the main reasons GDPR was put into place by lawmakers.
Direct mail does not face the same challenges as marketing online. As you will see, GDPR can actually benefit your direct marketing efforts.

General GDPR Rules to Abide By

GDPR is a complex piece of legislation. To remain on the compliant side of the legislation, and protect your business from fines and regulatory scrutiny, it is best to have your mailing list manager follow these rules—especially if your business is sending digital marketing as well as direct mail marketing to an international mailing list:
• GDPR consent must be obtained outside of existing terms and conditions. This means consent cannot be given if a person buys your product or signs up for your service.
• The opt-in boxes your business uses must be unchecked to be GDPR compliant.
• Your company must keep details consent records for your customers. These records must include information about what, when and how they provided consent to receive your marketing.
• You must be transparent with your customers and name any organizations or third-parties that use their data.
• Your customers must be provided with information about how they can remove their consent if they wish to do so. You must also share this information with your customers regularly.
All of these requirements have been put in place to create a most trustworthy connection between businesses and consumers.

How is Direct Mail Affected by GDPR?

As you can see from the GDPR requirements above, the legislation is forcing companies to change and modify their marketing strategies. Direct mail campaigns do not have to shift as much though compared to digital marketing campaigns. For this reason, companies looking to build brand awareness on a budget can do this through direct mail marketing.

Consent is Not Required for Direct Mail International Mailing Lists

The biggest problem marketers face with GDPR is international mailing list consent. Under the regulation, EU consumers must provide your mailing list manager with permission to use their personal data for marketing purposes. Despite these rules, direct mail does not require the same type of consent. This is because of legitimate interest. If a business can prove that they are sending direct mail marketing to their targets based on legitimate interest, then consent is not required.
When sending direct mail, ensure the following:
• The use of data is valid
• Your campaigns do not affect your recipient’s privacy
• Your recipient will not be surprised by your marketing efforts

Direct Mail is More Straightforward

Online marketing is being impacted by the fear of the unknown. Brands are unsure of the ramifications of GDPR legislation and causing them to stifle their marketing efforts. Direct mail is offering some relief to these challenges though. There are less factors from GDPR to worry about with direct mail, making it a safer channel to market from than digital ones in the EU.

Response Rates are Higher

Direct mail is growing in popularity for its high response rates. The DMA estimates that companies have reported a 43% increase in international mailing list responses in response to direct mail campaigns. Plus, consumers on average keep their mail for over 38 days. This contrasts with 51% of emails, which are typically deleted within 2 seconds of being received. Direct mail offers marketers a highly responsive channel to market to customers with minimal GDPR concerns.

Comply with GDPR with FrescoData Direct Marketing Services

Outsourcing your direct mail marketing can solve some of the biggest problems your business faces—especially GDPR compliance. FrescoData is a leader in direct mail marketing and follows strict requirements to remain compliant with global marketing regulations. Our team of experts can assist your business in feeling confident in its marketing efforts and help you remain GDPR compliant. From direct mail to digital marketing, FrescoData will be with you every step of the way. In today’s regulatory environment, there has never been a better time to invest in direct mail marketing from FrescoData to increase your sales.
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