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Higher Education Email Marketing

Does your university have the resources available to tackle the challenges of modern student recruitment? With a decrease in student enrollments, higher education institutions must work harder to get more students and increase student engagement. This means Higher Education Email Marketing a vital component to building a successful student lead strategy and building a brand. A whopping 94 percent of students in a recent survey said they want to use their cell phones for academic purposes, thus you can assume that University Email Open Rates Are Higher.

FrescoData is a trusted data provider to some of the leading universities around the world. We can help your university attract more student, international students, and online students as well. We can help you communicate with potential applicants more effectively in their native languages as well. Our expertise can increase the outreach success of your Higher Education Email Marketing. We are unlike any other vendor because we are the data source not a third-party broker. The quality of our data is personal for us.

Data-Driven Higher Education Email Campaign

To succeed at email outreach, you need robust data-driven marketing services that empower you to target students effectively. FrescoData provides profitable solutions that allow you to tap into millions of potential students. We have consistently created innovative email marketing solutions for our higher education email campaigns. Our case studies prove consistent university email open rates as a key performance indicator.

Quality Higher Education List Management

Our high impact email ads are targetable through geography, interests and demographic attributes and many more sub segments specific to your needs. Additionally, our lists contain information about engaged consumers and businesses interested in university services. Experience massive outreach and highly responsive targets with our expertise and bar none data quality.

Multilingual Advertising

Connect with prospective international students in their native language. FrescoData specializes in multilingual advertising and can customize any campaigns to a specific language. Geo-targeted campaigns can be formatted to that location’s native language to ensure your audience understands your message and learns about your university.

Maintain Compliance

There are number of different laws that guide the use of email marketing for academic purposes. In the USA it’s the CAN-SPAM act, in Canada it’s the CASL laws, while in the EU it’s GDPR. All these laws dictate a number of conditions that marketers need to follow to avoid fines. Maintaining compliance allows our higher education clients to maintain a positive email reputation and uphold regulations.

Robust Analytics

FrescoData provides detailed analytics reports to clients interested in Higher Education Email Campaigns. We provide comprehensive back-end open and click rate reporting. Along with this information, we provide sales tracking from your email campaigns. This will allow you to see who is interacting with your campaigns and interested in purchasing from your university.

Data Segmentation

There are a variety of ways FrescoData can segment it email lists.

Geo-targeting options include:
• Country
• State
• Metro Statistical Area
• Country
• City
• Zip Code

Demographic & Interest options include:
• All individual and household level demographics
o Age
o Income
o Home value
o Presence of children
o Single
o Married
o Home owner
o Etc.

• Hundreds of interests and behaviors in a variety of categories
o Education level
o Personal Interest
o Etc.

Mobile Optimization

Smartphones have revolutionized the way users interact with email. A March 2018 study showcased that over 70% of emails are read on mobile devices as compared to 30% on desktop computers. Furthermore, over 49% of average smartphone users state that they interact with ads online and make purchases directly on their smartphones. This means emails must be formatted for mobile to have the highest return on investment. Ensure that your email campaigns work at all screen sizes by working with FrescoData which focuses on responsive email design. FrescoData can promise a 99% deliverability rate when managing your email campaigns.

Email Design

FrescoData is familiar with leveraging email design templates to create emails that stand out. The way your email is laid out can have a huge effect on your business goals. Your email design can even affect how viewers interact with it. Plus, certain design styles are better depending on the content of the email. Distinguish your university from the rest with emails that guide your audience to a call to action. Also bring continuity to your email campaigns with email designs that are consistent and build brand loyalty.

Email Retargeting

With FrescoData, your university could serve digital ads to the recipients of your emails. Anyone who opened and read your email will end up in an advertising funnel. Anyone who clicked on your call to action will receive advertising as well. When email retargeting occurs, your recipients will see advertising related to your institution throughout the websites that they visit. If a user clicks on one of these ads, this will lead them to your institution’s website. This helps build customer impressions and ultimately more interest in your Higher Education Email Campaigns and enrollment.

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