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Doctors by Specialty – Postal, Phones and Email List

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Doctors by Specialty – Postal, Phones and Email List

These educated professionals have unique needs and are receptive to a wide variety of products and services including office supplies, medical equipment, continuing education, insurance, credit cards, promotional materials, financial services, travel, seminars and more.
704,728 Total Universe / Universe Rate $85.00/M
Cell Phones $65.00/M
Phones $25.00/M
Email Rental $125.00/M
Email Purchase $195.00/M
Compiled lists, Internet/On-Line
Gender $5.00/M
GEO $5.00/M
Specialty $5.00/M

Doctors are notoriously hard to reach. They are unbelievably busy and are protected by the most aggressive receptionists on the planet. Providing useful, relevant information and education is the best way to not only get their attention, but also to earn credibility. That’s when we come in – let us do the heavy lifting and find the right target for you. Filter our list by specialty and location to provide relevant offers.

Physicians are great targets for several offers! From seminars to investment opportunities, and everything in between. You can offer a variety of products including paid newsletter subscriptions, workshop registrations, on-site consultations and ad agency services.

Check out the numbers below and let us help you take the next step!

Allergy & Immunology 4,012
Anesthesiology 37,606
Cardiology 24,545
Dermatology 10,460
Emergency Medicine 27,281
Endocrinology, Diabetes, & Metabolism 4,606
Family Practice 85,055
Gastroenterology 11,899
General Practice 12,936
Geriatrics 3,628
Infectious Disease 3,308
Internal Medicine 117,419
Medical Genetics 445
Nephrology 4,154
Neurological Surgery 5,058
Neurology 13,321
Obstetrics & Gynecology 39,138
Oncology (Cancer) 12,099
Ophthalmology 17,102
Orthopedics 23,362
Other 15,544
Otolaryngology 9,523
Pathology 17,454
Pediatrics 58,538
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 7,401
Plastic Surgery 6,356
Preventive Medicine 6,635
Psychiatry 43,277
Radiology 33,567
Surgery 38,879
Urology 10,120
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